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 DIY: JDM Momo Steering Wheel Install

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Elite Member
Elite Member

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PostSubject: DIY: JDM Momo Steering Wheel Install    Fri Jul 25, 2014 2:30 pm

Well here's another DIY Project you guys can do. Since this was my first time doing this i want to explain, before i get started, i just wanna let you guys know, i do tend to maybe explain things probably the wrong way or misinterpret or over explaining it, so there are different ways you can do this, but for now lets take the "safeway" or Paul's way. D: so lets get started.

First things first, things your gonna need for this job is an authentic JDM Momo Steering Wheel which should come with the hub, the metal centic hub, the rubber cover, 6 hex tapered screws, horn button(IMPORTANT ITEM!), the steering wheel itself, the horn pad cover(optional). Tools your gonna need are gonna be a variable size of wrench's, variable size alan/hex keys, bit adapter 3/8 socket (optional), variable torque bit set (optional), variable torque screw drivers (optional), phillips screwdriver, a pocket flathead screw driver, Diagonal cutters (aka dikes), Needle Nose pliers, wire strippers, a long ratchet, 10' extension, 19mm socket, zipties, magnet tray, an electric drill, varible size drill bits, 14 gauge wire (any gauge wire will do tho), a silver sharpie (optional), whiteout (optional), electrical tape, some gritty sand paper, your Eyes and safety goggles(unless you plan to melt your eye balls) maybe an extra set of hands (prefer someone who knows cars and is used to working on older cars) and MOST IMPORTANTLY a well focus mind, self confidence and Guts. if you have all of those then we can move into getting preped.(Below is gonna be needed tho yes im missing 2 or 3 things but because i already did this while doing my engine swap i'm gonna miss a couple of important steps. so do be careful and be VERY Aware of what you are doing!)

first thing you want to do is pop the hood and disconnect the battery terminals, for me i had to use a 10mm and 11mm wrench. which ment i took both (+) & (-) leads off.

next step make sure your steering wheel and both front wheels are straight next is to get the phillips screw driver and go under the steering column and unscrew the all the screws holding it in place. then take off both covers to reveal the naked steering column.

after doing so remove these yellow plugs off so there wont be any power going to airbag (note please be under the steering column or away from any air bags as these older air bags from older cars can hurt you when deployed, some can even cause death if you breath in it when its deployed so do please be careful!)

after doing so get a pocket flat head screw driver to pry out the covers in the steering wheel to reveal 4 torque screws, 2 on each side, then get the matching torque bit adapter/screwdriver that will fit into the torque screw, after doing that start unscrewing all 4 screws in order to remove the horn/air bag pad. if you have trouble ask a buddy with air bag removal experience to help you out! otherwise be slow an pay close attention during removal. you may remove anything that may also be connected to the horn/airbag such as clock spring and horn connector.

after successfully removing the horn/airbag the steering column should look like this

if it looks like that then crack out the long ratchet with the 10' extension and 19mm socket and remove the nut thats in the middle of the steering wheel

after removing the nut screw the nut back in, you wanna just screw it in 3 threads in so you wont have the steering wheel smash your nose during the removal process. during the removal you wanna hit the top of the steering wheel first then hit the bottom to help loosen the steering wheel, then at the 9 and 3 oclock position wiggle the steering wheel towards you! if you need a song to help you the link will be here (just skip the video to 0:44, 1:20, 1:59, 3:00)

after finding and identify the horn wire (Solid green) use the dikes and cut the connector end of the wire use the wirestripers to strip the end you cutted to strip the plastic off the wire, after doing so get the 14 gauge wire and cut off 5in then after doing so wire strip the ends. after doing so the examine the steering column, make sure nothing is interfering with any of the mechanisms of the steering columns such as the turn signals or something, and with a silver sharpie or whiteout  mark where you are gonna put the 14 gauge wire to. with drill and drill bit (i used an 7/64in  2.78mm drill bit), where ever you marked your mark on the plastic housing go ahead a drill into the mark, drill till you reach the end of the plastic housing and back off. if you can eye ball it like i did tho, i had some guts to do it so go ahead if you dare!

after doing so insert the 14 gauge wire into the hole you just made, you may need needle nose pliers to pull the wire down to where the other end of the wire can be leveled with the hub. after that splice the horn wire to the wire you just pulled down and wrap it up with some electrical tape. after that sercure the horn wire with some zipties to prevent it from moving around.

after doing that will move to installing the steering wheel. for this ID the contact hub, use your best judgement if the contact hub is okay or needs some help, if it needs some help get some gritty sandpaper and sand a little of till its shiny gold again. then after, find out which alan/hex key your gonna need to remove the hex tapered screws. after doing so remove the steering wheel itseld, the horn button and the metal hub centric ring. identify the "top" mark that will be on the hub and go ahead and bring that to the steering column. now heres the tricky part where things are probably gonna be harder to explain so i'll try my best.
now the at the back of the steering hub you notices there are several holes, those holes are for the weird hub with the 3 notch's on them, you can move the notch's as it seems to be going at a universal direction and they are for the turn signals. match up the "top" with the splines (as pictured in picture 3 below) then match the notch's with the holes in the hub like on pictures 4 and 5 (below) if its flush with the notched hub then make sure the wire is touching the contact hub (the gold hub).

now after that go ahead and start putting it back together, to help start off put back the 19mm nut that holds the steering wheel back and make sure its tight with the 19mm socket 10' extension and long ratchet! then put the centric hub underneath the face of the steering wheel, then put one screw on top then screw the top with the hex key, you probably cant keep it still so get your buddy to help you. afterwards start torquing it in a 6 star pattern then connect the horn button then test to make sure everything is work, make sure the wire isnt going to move while the steering wheel is moving, if its moving you may try to zip tie the wire to the column to help remedy the situation tho im not having problems with that yet. i'll update if necessary.

and that should be it tho i feel i might've missed some steps so feel free to ask questions here!


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Elite Member

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PostSubject: Re: DIY: JDM Momo Steering Wheel Install    Mon Jul 28, 2014 6:59 am

(Y) very informative sharing
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DIY: JDM Momo Steering Wheel Install
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