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 heres some info i found about the 3sge engine... may come in useful

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Site Administrator
Site Administrator

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PostSubject: heres some info i found about the 3sge engine... may come in useful   Thu Jul 19, 2012 10:37 am

found this on another site and thought id post it here, sounds like alot of fun..... 9k reving 3sge will be done by me one day cheers

the 3S-GE is an engine that benefits a lot from revving faster. i studied this engine for 6 years now [Shocked] . The stock engine was build to withstand an absolute max of 8500rpm STOCK. but i wouldn't do this because power falls down at about 7000rpm

with cams of 264° of duratio the powercurve starts to fall down at +- 8200rpm, with cams of 272° it falls down near 9000rpm, and the powercurve all start around 4800 to 5000rpm (operation of ACIS)

so i think around the 290 to 300° it will get you to that 10 000rpm mark, and if you know TODA does cams to 320° for this engine.... [Shocked]

if your going to rev that fast balancing of ALL rotational components is crucial!.
crank, flywheel, cam pulleys, cams, crank pulley, ...even equal weight piston rods and pistons can be a very good idea
also upgrade to better rodbolts if using stock rods, but its best to upgrade to lightwheight rods to
also, every 3S-GE engine has pre-plumbed oil passages in the block, on the turbo cars, these passages are used for oil squirters for cooling the underside of the pistons. GE cars however don't have these installed, but he passages are allready in the block!, any good machine shop could bore into these galleries so you can install the GTE oil squirters.

also if you raise compression, it will climb into revs faster
stock is 10:1 or 10.3:1, the beams redtop has 11:1, the blacktop has 11.5:1, toda makes pistons to 13:1 for the blacktop

if you do high duration and lift cams on a rev2 3S-GE (rev1 MR2) you should upgrade to shim under bucket (std in rev3 MR2) so that your shims won't fall off, and its a direct swap.

also upgrade your valvesprings!

defenitly use adjustable cam pulleys because that is the best way to get the max out of your cams (stock or upgraded!)

minimal porting is required on the head, DON'T polish on the intake, the only work needed is port it to match the intake runners 100%

same is true for exhaust side -> match it to your equal length header, and port and polish it, get all the ridges out of the exhaust ports

until here all can be tuned with a good piggyback like the unichip (latest models) or perfect power SMT6 or 7, greddy e-manage, AEM EMS, ...

standalone is most of the time better though, although you loose standard ECU functions

ITB setups is highly recommended at that rev range but because you are running the engine in a mid-engined car, lead the horns either to outside or into the trunk with a scoop on the bootlid or something or a horn cap with intake leading to sidevent

when using ITB setup i recommend standalone ECU

at the power level allready reached right now it's highly recoomended to NOT heat wrap your headers or exhaust pipes.
Allthough this is good on modest hp buildups and keeping heat inside and improving flow, at this powerlevel it will strangle your exhaust, the way to go here is to COAT all exhaust piping with heat treatment.
This way all piping can "breathe" frealy , meaning it can expand and retract under those heavy heat conditions. if you wrap it, it WILL crack!

i don't consider NOS here, because i find this a temporary poweradder and therefor i consider this as not real. allthough it can prevent detonation and give impressive colling abilities.

also, don't forget FUEL! no fuel = no power. Upgrade fuel rail, injectors and pump.

last thing and absolutely CRUCIAL, upgrade your oilpump assembly !!! oil is the blood of an engine and i would figure a stock pump will most likely say thanks at this revs.

i've seen tuned 3S-GE engines of 260hp myself, so it is realy possible, the best example is the TODA, TOMS, TRD, ...3S-GE engines in formula 3 producing 300hp.

TRD once sold "client" versions of these engines producing 270 and 290hp, but beware, i think no one her can afford this level of tune.

a last note, Toyota started back in rally last year.....with the 3S-GE in the latest corolla. (african Super 2000) it produced 255hp @ 8500rpm in its first year (they won the carmaker championchip allready in its first year!), this upcoming championchip it WILL have 270hp (the end of 2005 it was allready at 265hp but the 'official' figure was set at 255).


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Pakistan Rep
Pakistan Rep

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PostSubject: Re: heres some info i found about the 3sge engine... may come in useful   Thu Jul 19, 2012 11:09 pm

study not my field of information as i am a med student.but still bro nice thread who knew we could get more from a engine which is already considered powerful.

thank you

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heres some info i found about the 3sge engine... may come in useful
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